Our story

The healthcare system as we know it can often be inefficient, disorganised and overstretched. Its complicated administrative processes make it a struggle to keep up with advancing technology, resulting in a bad experience for patients and healthcare professionals alike. As the first digital hospital, we are rebuilding the healthcare experience from scratch to provide you with the outstanding level of patient care we would love to experience ourselves.With our technology, we revolutionise the way patients interact with the healthcare system by providing a highly personal experience from start to finish. With Medbelle, you can enjoy a smooth, pleasant journey whilst allowing your doctors and surgeons to focus on providing you with outstanding medical and surgical care.

What makes us unique

The Medbelle family

By uniting the brightest minds in the industry with an insatiable passion for building the best possible patient experience, we have created a big family of healthcare professionals, engineers, and entrepreneurs that are striving towards bringing healthcare to the twenty-first century.

Rethinking healthcare technology

Healthcare is currently dominated by an array of outdated systems and processes that focus on the provider rather than the patient. Re-thinking the patient journey from scratch helps us to build an entirely new platform that provides an easy-to-use, integrated experience for both patients and their providers.

Patient Care & Medical Quality

Our relationship with our patients forms the heart of Medbelle. It is our highest priority to establish and provide an experience that people love, whilst ensuring they receive the highest quality of medical care possible. That’s why we are the best-rated medical provider in the UK.