Follicular Unit Exicision

What Is Follicular Unit Exicision?

Follicular Unit Excision is a form of follicular hair transplant surgery where graft follicles are harvested individually from
areas of the scalp unaffected by hair loss. These follicle grafts are then transplanted to the recipient area of the scalp.


Before a FUE surgery, the entire head must be shaved down close to the skin

After anesthesia is administered, the surgical team uses a tool to punch small round incisions around the donor follicle grafts in areas unaffected by hair loss

Chosen follicles are then extracted from the scalp

After the grafts are collected and prepared, they are transplanted into small incisions in the recipient area

Finally, the scalp is covered in a wound dressing

Robotic Hair Restoration

FUE conducted with an ARTAS robot follows a similar procedure,
but differs in a few key ways.
First, follicle selection is decided using a computer algorithm that identifies and selects the highest quality and healthiest hair follicles in the donor area for transplant
After donor follicles are selected, the ARTAS machine uses a round punch incision tool to cut around and remove the selected follicles
Once donor grafts are collected, ARTAS makes small incisions at the transplant site and inserts the grafts in a predetermined pattern that avoids damaging healthy hair while providing a completely customised hairline

Is Follicular Unit Exicision
Right For Me?

While comparable, there are differences between FUE, FUT, and other hair transplant surgery techniques. You and your surgeon can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each method to decide which is the correct option for the results you want.

Benefits of FUE
  • Donor follicles are chosen on an individual basis by either a surgeon or the ARTAS robot which means they can specifically take the healthiest and strongest follicles that have the highest chance of succeeding after transplant
  • No sutures are required to harvest donor follicles which leaves a patient with a much lower chance of major scarring
Drawbacks of FUE
  • Hair must be shaved down to the skin before the procedure which means the surgery site may be less aesthetically pleasing until the transplanted hair begins to grow out
  • FUE is not a scar-free procedure, though the scars produced from the graft harvesting and transplanting are much less noticeable than scarring from traditional sutures