Follicular Unit Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant

What Is Follicular
Unit Transplant?

Follicular Unit Transplant, also known as the ‘strip method’ is a form of follicular hair transplant surgery that requires a strip of donor scalp from the back or side of the head to be surgically removed and then sutured closed. Follicle grafts are harvested from this piece of donor scalp and transplanted to the recipient area.

  • Before a FUT surgery, the hair from the donor location must be trimmed but not shaved completely
  • After anesthesia is administered to the scalp, a strip of donor scalp is cut from a predetermined location on the back or side of the head
  • Once this donor scalp is removed, it is taken aside and the surgical team harvests grafts of one to three follicles and a small amount of skin no larger than 1 or 2 mm
  • After the grafts are prepared, small incisions are made into the affected area of the scalp and the grafts are transplanted
  • Finally, the original location of the donor scalp is sutured closed and the head is covered in a wound dressing

Is Follicular Unit Exicision
Right For Me?

While comparable, there are differences between FUE, FUT, and other hair transplant surgery techniques. You and your surgeon can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each method to decide which is the correct option for the results you want.

Benefits of FUT
  • The location of the donor hair does not need to be shaved down to the skin. This is a huge benefit to many patients as the longer transplanted hair has the potential to mask any obvious signs that surgery was performed.
  • FUT is a slightly faster procedure than FUE because harvesting grafts from the donor scalp is a faster method than choosing and removing individual hairs. This correlates to a slightly lower price range for FUT compared to FUE.
Drawbacks of FUT
  • Follicle grafts are harvested from a single large area of donor scalp. This method means the health and quality of graft follicles is unknown until the grafts are separated and prepared for transplant. This can result in slightly less reliable results than FUE.
  • An incision is required to remove the donor scalp which is then sutured close. This incision line will result in a scar that may be visible if the hair is cut short.