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Hair Transplant Surgery for Women

Hair loss can affect anyone. Medbelle is here to help.

Up to 40% of women in the UK over the age of 25 suffer from some level of hair loss or thinning. This can cause an immense amount of stress, sadness, and self-doubt because of our society’s focus on physical attractiveness.
No matter what has caused it, there are ways to reclaim the hair density you’ve lost. Medbelle provides a premium hair transplant surgery experience, so you can avoid wasting time on the endless hair loss prevention or regrowth options on the market. Our expert surgeons provide natural-looking results through modern surgery techniques. You can look younger and feel confident in your own skin with hair that is yours to brush, style, and enjoy.

Top Surgeons & Amazing Results

Every Medbelle hair transplant surgeon is hand-selected to ensure they are the best at what they do. They are all members of BAAPS/BAPRAS as well as BAHRS, the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery. Memberships to these surgical associations show our surgeons are dedicated to providing patients with beautiful results and the best possible care. BAHRS member surgeons are also committed to performing hair transplant surgery themselves, not just supervising technicians during the procedure. These are just a few ways you can feel confident you’re in the right hands during a Medbelle hair transplant surgery.


The most popular hair transplant surgery method for women is follicular graft excision (FUE). This type of hair transplant surgery involves extracting small grafts from the sides and back of the head that are made of one to four hair follicles. Each graft is around 1mm in diameter. These donor grafts are then transplanted into small incisions in the affected area (generally the top of the head where the hair parts, or the eyebrows are). Grafts can be extracted and transplanted either by hand by one of our expert hair transplant surgeons or with the aid of the ARTAS hair transplant robot. Total procedure time can take anywhere from four to 12 or more hours depending on how many grafts need to be transplanted.


Cost doesn’t have to be the only thing keeping you from getting your hair back. Our financing is made to fit your life and budget. With our financing options, you can have the hair transplant surgery you want for as little as £3.50 a day. That’s less than the amount many spend on hair growth supplements, specialised shampoos, and hair treatments that cant provide reliable, permanent results. For the long-lasting improvements and difference your self-esteem and wellbeing, that’s nothing at all.


Most common enquiries we get
from women interested in hair transplant.

How does hair transplant surgery work for women?

The general procedure of hair transplant surgery involves moving healthy hair follicles from one location on the scalp and transplanting them to places on the scalp, face, or body lacking hair density. Hair transplant surgery on the scalp works very well for Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) caused by hormone changes because the transplanted hair follicles are not vulnerable to hormones in the same way the follicles on the top of the head are.
Hair transplant surgery is also a great option for those with permanent hair loss due to traction alopecia. This type of hair loss is caused by frequently wearing tight or heavy hairstyles like very tight ponytails or buns, and many protective styles like braids, cornrows, and Bantu knots. The lost hair from traction alopecia can grow back naturally if given time, but hair transplant surgery is the only way to regain hair that is permanently lost. The transplanted hair will continue growing as long as the patient avoids the type of hairstyles that caused their traction alopecia originally.

What’s the process of hair transplant surgery like for women?

FUE hair transplant surgery is a procedure that involves a surgeon removing donor hair follicles from the backs and sides of the head and transplanting them in the area of the body suffering from hair loss. For women, this is often either the hairline caused by traction alopecia (hair loss from tight hairstyles like braids, ponytails, or buns) or the parting of the hair caused by female pattern hair loss (hair loss due to hormonal changes). Extraction of the donor follicles may require the donor area to be shaved down close to the scalp. The donor follicles are then implanted into small incisions in the recipient area. No stitches are required to keep the transplanted follicles in place, though the area must not be rubbed, scratched, or compressed to ensure the new, delicate follicles heal in their new location.

How much does female hair transplant surgery cost?

The price of hair transplant surgery varies from surgeon to surgeon and case to case. Some surgeons charge per graft, while others have base pricing. Overall, however, you can expect to pay more for procedures requiring larger numbers of grafts.
Prices for eyebrow grafts can range anywhere from £100 to £1000 while grafts on the scalp can range from £1000 to as high as £9,000 for procedures that require an above-average number of grafts.


Looking for a more precise estimate? Book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert hair transplant surgeons to find out more. Medbelle also offers customisable financing for hair transplant surgery. Contact one of our personal care advisers now to learn how financing can work for you.

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